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Pre-qualification is a great first step for buying a home. See your mortgage broker to see what they say you can afford. Then see if that matches what you want to spend per month. We"ll help you understand how pre-qualification can help set better expectations.


Knowing how much you can afford is great, but the next step, Pre-Approval will get much more traction when you find the home you want to bid on. You can also avoid the looking at homes that you can"t afford, saving time and heartbreak.

Earnest Money Deposit

Earnest money is the first thing you give to show you are ready to begin the contract process to buy a home. You will write a check that will be returned if the offer is rejected, but put into escrow if the offer is accepted. It"s still your money! ParkRPM will work to protect that money so that if the contract process reveals any problem and you need to stop the process, we make sure you understand the steps you need to take to get that money back.

Home Inspection

The home inspection includes a review of multiple things: water or plumbing lines, electrical, heating and ventilating, bath and kitchen fixtures, crawl space, basements, garages, roofs, attics, and general maintenance of the home. The cost of a home inspection is an inexpensive insurance to make sure there are no major flaws in the home you did not see when first viewing it. ParkRPM has a list of inspectors you can consider if you do not have your own.

Title Insurance

The lender and the buyer need a preliminary title commitment that will indicate exactly what recorded liens and encumbrances and recorded easements are currently in effect. It will also indicate the vested owner of record and any restrictions on use of the subject property. It helps you understand what you are buying.

Warranty Service

Either the purchasers or sellers may buy a home warranty policy that will protect against any repairs or replacement of certain appliances, heating, plumbing, or electrical items. As with most insurance companies, the coverage can vary and you may want to consult with warranty services company to determine exactly what is covered and the cost of the policy. Warranties start at about $300.00.

Types of Properties

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) A homeowner trying to sell his home himself usually doing so in hopes of saving the commission (not lowering the price). This means you have to navigate all the contracts and legal requirements on your own. If you see a FSBO you would like to see, we are happy to do that with you. Call us and we will make an appointment with the owner.

New Homes

We work with independent custom builders and national builders of planned communities to help you make the best decision for you and your family's future. From start to finish, we are there when you walk through the first model home, to choosing your finishes, to the final walk thru and then lastly, the closing. You"ll get more, but you won"t pay more.