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The right team makes all of the difference

There"s a lot more to selling a home than a sign on the lawn and an ad in the paper. You"ll want someone on your team with good judgment, an open mind, the latest marketing techniques, a capacity for hard work, honesty and willingness to serve others. You have that team at ParkRPM

Our Action Plan
  1. Submit home to Multiple Listing Service “MLS" – This online service allows other Realtors to easily access actively listed homes in the Denver Metro Area.
  2. Submit listing to partners in Denver Metro.
  3. List benefits and special features of your home.
  4. Color brochures put into your home, our office, and into other locations.
  5. Suggest and advise of any changes that need to be done. And changes we will tell you not to spend your hard earned money on.
  6. Constantly keep you aware of market changes in prices and inventory.
  7. Marketing and Advertising – we utilize the available resources on the internet and list the properties on,, and our website has all of our available homes listed.
  8. Create additional exposure with professional sign and lockbox
  9. Follow up with salespeople that have shown home.
  10. Represent you on all transactions and offers.
  11. Handle the contract process through inspection, loan approval, title commitment and every aspect of this complex transaction.
Seller's Checklist

In order to get started immediately with our marketing plan, you can get some things together:


  1. Copy of your warranty or security deed.
  2. Copy of your survey.
  3. A feature list on things that we should know about your home.
  4. Include any major improvements you have added.
  5. Have an extra set of keys available to put into the lock box.
  6. Your Home Owners Association papers, if it applies.
  7. Write down any concerns you may want to discuss.
  8. Consider staging your home. We can help you with that.